Pray for Revival.

“Gideon’s 300” Prayer List of requests received from supporters during our 2017 Share-A-Thon.

Edward Eidson, Has a broken shoulder and is waiting on surgery to be scheduled.

Please pray for Josh and Natasha Key and also their unborn daughter. Natasha’s doctors are concerned that the baby is not being fed enough due to a possible blockage from the placenta to the baby.

Bro. Curtis Turner is doing well following another recent surgery. However he did have to see his doctor recently because of weakness and fatigue. His doctor changed some things up for him and instructed Bro. Curtis to “take is easy” please continue to pray for him and Mrs.Pam. He has been cleared to preach and asked us to help him pray that his calendar will fill up.

Bro. Johnny Ivey, pastor of Welcome Hill Baptist Church in Powder Springs and a dear friend of Word Christian Broadcasting, is battling cancer and winning! Please continue to pray for this dear man of God. At his last scan the mass had shrunk. He has a surgery scheduled for October 31st

Sid Stokes, going through rehabilitation after a recent stroke.

Linda Green, Bro. Steve Green Sr.’s wife.

Johnny Hughes, lives in Pensacola and is suffering from congestive heart failure.

Alan Robinson, continuing to battle cancer.

Bro.Doug Ledford has multiple health issues and is in danger of losing his sight. Please help us pray for Bro.Ledford

Please pray for a man named Bob, who is dealing with some difficult circumstances and is in need of God to work miraculously. Will you help us pray with him?

A lady named Katie contacted Bro.Scott Thomas asking for prayer for an anonymous friend and unspoken request. She stated that she did not attend church but had confidence in God’s ability to heal and confidence in Bro.Scott to pray for her and her friend. Please help us pray for them. Your prayer could change their lives. Thanks in advance for praying.

Joe Horsley is undergoing 3 months of radiation for prostate cancer.

Praise The Lord! Sis. Heather Houle shows no regrowth of her brain tumor and is asking for daily prayer as she returns to her class to teach.

Harry, Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Debra Collins, who continues to battle lung cancer.

Archie Harmon has Parkinson’s Disease.

Bro. James Wright is a member of Welcome Hill Baptist Church, Powder Springs.  He is doing well, and remains on the list for a kidney transplant. He has been on dialysis since 2011.