Pray for Revival.

“Gideon’s 300” Prayer List of requests received from supporters during our 2017 Share-A-Thon.

For Salvation.

Terry & Johnny Sims.



General Needs

Family of Ray King who passed away Wed. Dec. 5

Squire Parsons ( singer/songwriter ) is recovering from by – pass surgery

The family of Larry D. Beasley – passed away Thursday, Nov. 29

Tessa Thomas/Wife of Bro. Scott Thomas – is having tests done and is facing surgery on Dec. 7

Connie Prater – Unspoken

Victory Valley Rescue Ranch – needs a larger facility

Sheila Mann – on antibiotics – @ home recovering

Jeremy Wilson being deployed to Afganistan

Larry Garcia – Faith Baptist Temple – Surgery Jan. 8

Kathy Holcomb – recovering from surgery  

Bro. Gary Ledford is waiting on the liver transplant list

Nathan – unspoken

Heather Houle receiving treatment for brain tumor                                                                                                                                   

 Bro. C. L. Powers, for many years pastor of Pine Ridge Baptist Church in Dallas, is battling Parkinson’s Disease

Please pray for a man named Bob  – unspoken

Archie Harmon is living with Parkinson’s Disease.







Cancer Patients

Carol Shirley (cancer)

Bro. Johnny Ivey is responding very well to new treatment

Alan Robinson has been battling cancer for a long time.  He is now having trouble breathing

Lesley Cappola, 31 year old mother has cancer, cancer is beginning to shrink

Linda Green, Bro. Steve Green Sr.’s wife. going to Emory.  Cancer markers are down.

Glen Gamblin has cancer. 

Gary Dilliard (cancer)

Krista (cancer surgery) is in remission by medication.