Pray for Revival.

“Gideon’s 300” Prayer List of requests received from supporters during our 2017 Share-A-Thon.

For Salvation.

Terry & Johnny Sims.


General Needs

Marleigh Partain, back in the hospital due to blood loss. Doctors are discussing on 3-16-18 what the best treatment will be for her. Marleigh is the baby daughter of Carl & Angie Partain.

The singing Cookes family, in the passing of Hubert Cooke.

Treavor Finnell, Having a kidney removed 4-16-18

Tye, 7 year old boy having tests done on March 19.

Ruby Smallwood – health issues.

Phoebe Cole, Bro. Jodie Cole’s daughter, her eye sight is coming and going, doctors are searching for the cause.

Bro. Doug & Sis. Gail Bearden, Sis. Gail has pneumonia and Bro. Doug’s heart is out of the correct rhythm, he’ll be going into the hospital to correct this. Bro. Doug is the long time pastor of Central Baptist Church in Carrollton, GA.

Josh Strickland. Multiple health issues.

Young boy Named Caden, in need of a kidney.

Bro. Carl Pinnell

Stephen Shirah ongoing needs.

Shane Turner, recovering from neck surgery.

Bro. Gary Ledford is in need of a liver transplant. Bro. Ledford is the pastor of University Baptist in Atlanta.

Randy Perry’s surgery wasn’t 100% successful, all arteries are flowing but he has to go to Gainesville in two weeks to have a stint put in.

Please pray for a man named Bob, for his health and God’s perfect timing.

Archie Harmon is living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Bro. James Wright is a member of Welcome Hill Baptist Church, Powder Springs.  He is doing well, and remains on the list for a kidney transplant. He has been on dialysis since 2011.

Cancer Patients 

Rita Henry – cancer, recovering from surgery, in need of financial assistance to get to and from upcoming cancer treatments.

Pam Clay – cancer and will have a port put in to administer treatments.

Vicki Pinnell, recovering from recent surgery and starting radiation treatment.

Carroll Shirley – Stage 4 cancer.

Lesley Cappola, 31 year old mother recently diagnosed with cancer.

Harry Wynn, has pancreatic cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Susan Amos, recently diagnosed with cancer and has started treatments. She recently received great news that the part of her cancer that was inoperable is gone! She is still taking Chemo. 

Steve Searcy.

Alan Robinson, battling cancer, His wife Leigh and his mother Mary need our prayers as well.

Bro. Johnny Ivey, continues his battle with cancer.

Linda Green, Bro. Steve Green Sr.’s wife.

Debra Collins, has cancer and is now under hospice care.