Pray for Revival.

“Gideon’s 300” Prayer List of requests received from supporters during our 2017 Share-A-Thon.

For Salvation.

Terry & Johnny Sims.



General Needs

Bro. Ralph Newborn is having difficulty with his sight and hearing.  Bro. Ralph lives in Newnan.

Bro Bill Thomas is recovering at home following open heart surgery.

Bro. C. L. Powers, for many years pastor of Pine Ridge Baptist Church in Dallas, is battling Parkinson’s Disease.

The family of Debra Collins who passed away on Friday, July 6, after a long battle with lung cancer.

Bro. Curtiss Turner is still at Emory Hospital with multiple health issues.

Bro. Randy Perry’s open heart surgery went well.  He is now recovering at home.

Bro. Edward Hyatt had an MRI on Wednesday, June 27.  Pray for good report

David Holcomb, Sr. had knee replacement surgery on June 20.

Carlos & Simone Courageux, newborn baby Carter, has undergone heart surgery. Doing well.  More surgery in the near future.

Bro. Terry Marbut, pastor at Liberty Baptist Church in Douglasville, having a procedure to correct A-fib problem on July 12 at the Cleveland Clinic.

Finances and construction schedule for new tower in Douglasville.  Deadline for completion is July 29.

Application for FM translator for Dallas before the FCC.

$20,000 to install FM translator for 104.9 in Newnan.

Jessica New at Grady Hospital with multiple injuries from an auto accident on May 30. Continues to improve slowly.

Justin Hathcock – Car accident, currently at Grady in critical condition.

James Canady, listener in Kansas has multiple health issues.

Caden, a kidney is being donated, please pray for a successful transplant.

Bro. Gary Ledford is in need of a liver transplant. Bro. Ledford is the pastor of University Baptist in Atlanta.

Please pray for a man named Bob, for his health and God’s perfect timing.

Archie Harmon is living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Cancer Patients 

Alan Robinson has been battling cancer for a long time.  He is now having trouble breathing.

April King, Youth Pastor’s wife at Happy Valley Baptist has cancer and started chemo treatments.

Rita Henry – cancer, recovering from surgery, in need of financial assistance to get to and from upcoming cancer treatments.

Carroll Shirley – Stage 4 cancer, undergoing treatments.

Lesley Cappola, 31 year old mother recently diagnosed with cancer, undergoing chemo treatments and is doing well.

Susan Amos, had her last chemo treatment this week.

Bro. Johnny Ivey.  Praising The Lord he continues to do well with his treatments.

Linda Green, Bro. Steve Green Sr.’s wife. going to Emory