Pray for Revival.

Our Nation.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalms 122:6)

Dennis Hollis – Health needs

Steve Searcy, recently underwent surgery for colon cancer, he’s home now and doing well.

Harry, Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Bro.Colin & Sis.Evelyn Duncan

Bro. Curtis Turner, ongoing health needs following a surgery last November.

Praise The Lord! Heather Houle has been able to return to teaching at Grace Christian School. Please continue to pray as she battles a malignant brain tumor. ***UPDATE*** Heather’s latest MRI shows no regrowth of the tumor

Debra Collins, who continues to battle lung cancer.

“Gideon’s 300” Prayer List of requests received from supporters during our Share-A-Thon.

Alan Robinson has cancer.

Archie Harmon has Parkinson’s Disease.

Bro. James Wright is a member of Welcome Hill Baptist Church, Powder Springs.  He is doing well, and remains on the list for a kidney transplant. He has been on dialysis since 2011.